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Nidderdale Dog Walking
Based on 6 reviews
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Sophie Woodward
Sophie Woodward
Ed recently looked after my hyperactive working cocker spaniel and she clearly had a brilliant time with him. She loves... running off lead and looking for birds and rabbits so those fabulous long walks in the dale were perfect for her. She's a dog who can't get enough exercise and love and affection and Ed clearly gave her this in spades! I got her back very happy and well cared for. I would highly recommend Nidderdale Dog more
Troy Joiner
Troy Joiner
Ed’s Home Stay Service is a brilliant place to leave your dog with knowing that they are well taken care of and... nurtured whilst you are away. I’ve used Ed’s service several times recently whilst I was away on business and holidays and I felt so comfortable that he would get first class treatment and he did. It is slightly more pricey but well worth the extra quid to know that you dog is getting individual care and affection vs. the “dog prison” atmosphere of the local kennels. Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic more
Patrick Vassarotti
Patrick Vassarotti
My dogs absolutely love Ed, there tail go crazy as soon he arrives and they always sleep well after his seen them.... Cheers Edread more
ยัยตัวร้าย ซอยแปดเก้า
ยัยตัวร้าย ซอยแปดเก้า
Ed was great, you can tell how much he enjoys his job. Thanks Ed and see you again soon.
Guy Nicholson
Guy Nicholson
Genuine dog lovers! Highly recommended and trustworthy 5*
Ian Watson
Ian Watson
I can't recommend the service enough, Ed and his team were very polite, professional and really made me feel... comfortable with their level of expertise and passion for the animals they're working with. Even when my work-life requires me to spend time away from my dog, Ed keeps me up to date with live updates from all their adventures which really helps. I feel confident my dog's being fed well and getting the attention he deserves by his clear and vigorous tail wagging whenever we go to see Ed 🐕 😀read more

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